It starts with trust.

At Norbert Personal Care, we believe that trust is truly the foundation of a strong family. We understand that one of life’s most difficult decisions is choosing the right care for your loved one. Choosing a personal care facility is not an easy process and families must be able to establish faith and confidence in the provider they select. 

Trust is based on integrity and our personal care home meets the highest standards of quality and ethics by ensuring that our employees are trustworthy, honest, and fit our culture of “family first.” In addition to putting our employees through a rigorous screening process, we ensure our employees are highly credentialed and our facilities meet all state regulations.

Choosing the right personal care home starts by establishing a foundation of trust. By establishing the highest standards of care, we want residents and their families to know that they can rely on Norbert Personal Care Home to delivery the quality of service that seniors deserve. 

At Norbert Personal Care we provide personal care and elderly care services to elderly individuals. We have a full-time staff with several RN's specializing in geriatric care.

​Our personal care apartments, located just outside Pittsburgh in the South Hills, are ideal for those who need extra help with tasks of daily living.