The Personal Touch


Everything at Norbert shines with a personal touch. Our newly renovated and expanded building with attractively comfortable resident rooms, spacious living rooms, activity areas, and secured outdoor patios are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Norbert Personal Care Facility is proud of our warm, comfortable atmosphere. Our highest quality of care is only enhanced by fine dining, integrated activities, and protective oversight. The latest in emergency call monitoring and departure alert technology is available at Norbert. We recently expanded our facilities and are able to provide state-of-the-art care in a spacious and warm environment.

Common Areas
We have five common areas, spread across three different levels of the facility, as well as common dining areas.  In order to achieve the highest quality of care, we foster an environment where residents feel comfortable and have the ability to go about their daily lives without interruption. Each common room is wheel-chair accessible and provides couches and armchairs for residents and guests. We also provide cable television service in all rooms.

Dining Facilities
We provide a large dining hall so that all our residents can eat together and enjoy one another’s company. Tables can be setup to accommodate 2-8 residents, at each individual's preference.

Nursing Facilities
We provide a full nursing unit to meet the needs of all our patients. We have on-staff registered nurses and nursing assistants to tend to the needs of all our patients. Our facilities allow us to provide one-on-one assistance and care, prescription medications, diagnostic and lab testing, medical supplies, and rehabilitation services.

Resident Rooms

Our residents are encouraged to maintain the independence needed to enjoy personal growth and quality of life. Residents and their families alike are comforted by the security of knowing professional care and supervision are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer various types of rooms for our residents to choose from. All rooms come furnished with private powder rooms with personal laundry and linen service.